Political Success

From his own election success to helping his caucus achieve majority in the Michigan legislature and his work to expand Republican majorities across the country, Jase Bolger has repeatedly demonstrated his ability to direct winning campaigns and achieve political success.

Jase Bolger: Personal Campaigns
Jase Bolger was successful in each of his campaigns for public office. In Bolger’s first campaign in 2004 he was elected as a Calhoun County Commissioner; he was reelected in 2006.

Bolger was first elected as a State Representative in November 2008. He was subsequently reelected in 2010 and 2012 and served as Speaker until 2014. In 2012, Democrats campaigned and spent heavily trying to unseat Bolger. However, Bolger won re-election to his third and final term.

In the Michigan legislature Bolger represented Michigan’s 63rd District, which included eastern Kalamazoo County; as well as central/southern Calhoun County.

Jase Bolger: Helping Others Succeed
Michigan Campaigns
When Bolger began serving in the Michigan House, Republicans held 43 of 110 House seats. Bolger served as candidate recruitment chairman and helped the campaign team that led Republicans to picking up 20 seats and winning majority in 2010. In Bolger’s final year as Speaker, Republicans re-grew their majority to 63 of the 110 House seats.

National Success
In 2012, Jase Bolger served as Chairman of the Republican Legislative Campaign Committee (RLCC), a national caucus dedicated to electing more Republicans to state legislative office across all 50 states.

During his Chairmanship, the RLCC experienced its highest percentage of growth since its 2004 inception. Despite a challenging national environment for Republicans in 2012, the GOP maintained control of 59 of 99 legislative majorities across the country and made legislative chamber gains in five states won by President Obama: NM, OH, PA, WA and WI.

Bolger continued to serve on the RLCC’s Executive Committee through 2014. In 2014 Republicans won control of 69 chambers, achieving the most chambers controlled and seats held by Republicans in our nation’s history.

I have found Speaker Jase Bolger to be an honorable leader who welcomes differing opinions. Speaker Bolger has been forthright in his commitment to allowing vigorous and open debate. It would have been normal if Republicans had turned the tables and shut down Democrats, because that's how parties have treated each other for years. But under the leadership of Jase Bolger, the culture has risen to a higher standard."

~ Rep. Lesia Liss, D-Warren