Health Care Reform

Michigan Republicans propose ground breaking reform to redefine Medicaid

Plan is significantly different and has many more conditions attached than a Medicaid expansion proposed by Republican Gov. Rick Snyder.  House Democrats also came out strongly against the plan
LANSING, MI – Michigan’s House Republicans are proposing sweeping changes to the Medicaid system – including a four-year time limit for able-bodied adults – which if allowed by the federal government would also result in more people being eligible for the health coverage. Read More

Michigan’s Medicaid expansion: A model for pragmatic, bipartisan health reform?

In New England Journal of Medicine piece, U-M health policy institute chief says yes
ANN ARBOR, Mich. — By blending public sector and private sector approaches to health coverage, Michigan’s elected officials have found a pragmatic path forward that other states could learn from, says John Ayanian, M.D., M.P.P., director of the
U-M Institute for Healthcare Policy and Innovation. Read More