West Michigan Policy Forum

April 21st, 2015 by Jase Bolger

Bolger announced his first client would be the West Michigan Policy Forum.

Bolger said, “the West Michigan Policy Forum has earned a reputation as an innovator and bold policy leader. When many were calling for a repeal of the Michigan Business Tax (MBT) surcharge, the West Michigan Policy Forum called for the repeal of the entire MBT. When most in Michigan were afraid to talk about Right to Work, the West Michigan Policy Forum was one of a very few organizations who were bold enough to call for Michigan to become a Right to Work state. The West Michigan Policy Forum helped lead the call to increase investments in Early Childhood Development to improve education in the short-term and reduce crime in the long-term.”

Tom Walsh: West Michigan forum keeps prodding on prickly issues

“In addition to providing very valuable research and background, Jase’s firm will help us connect our ideas to leading practices and measurable effectiveness in a much timelier manner. They will be an outstanding resource to keep business leaders engaged in improving the economic climate of our state,” West Michigan Policy Forum Chairman Jim Dunlap

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